Feb 7, 2016

Things I Learned About Myself While Dating a Kinkster

The emotional stress generated while navigating the particulars of dominant-submissive relationships is far more taxing than I am capable of withstanding.

I have no interest in bondage.  I have anxiety about being bound myself.  I have no interest in binding someone else, and/or being in control of someone who is bound.  There is no pleasure in this for me--sexual or otherwise.

I am interested in gear.  I love underwear:  used, sweaty, or freshly cum-stained, but not excessively stained or "old."   I also enjoy dressing up in sports gear; and am okay with some rubber gear, gas masks, or other fetish clothing as well.

I am interested in watersports.  I enjoy being pissed on and pissing on others.  I am not interested in drinking piss, or forcing anyone to participate.  By extension, I am okay with the idea of diaper play--though not to the extent of an adult baby / diaper lover.

I am interested in light pain play, both on myself and others.  While my own nipples are both pierced and inseneitive, I still enjoy playing with the nipples of others.  I like mild cock and ball torture.  Above all, I enjoy biting.

I am interested in animal roleplay.  I am okay with rubber/leather pup play, but am more interested in fursuit and therian-style play.

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