Jan 13, 2016

Concerning Taxation and Religion

A revelation from Caesar unto Hoteph.
New England - February 2013

BEHOLD, I AM Caesar, who was Emperor, and am now the guardian of the governments of the world; yeah, thou shalt give unto these governments that which is their due—in obedience, service, and taxes as is required by law.

2. The law of the land is superior to the laws of heaven where it concerns matters of the living—for it has been given unto humankind to be the master of itself, under kings, rulers, and magistrates of its own selection;

3. Yea, governments are ordained from on high to rule on behalf of the citizens of their nations; notwithstanding the right of a people to overthrow one’s own government for the sake of abolishing tyranny, oppression, corruption, and the like.

4.  The Church, which is any establishment of religion, being not a human being, has not any inalienable rights; it is subject in whole unto the law of the land in which it operates—which may differ in great detail from the law of the land in which it originated;

5.  And in that the organization of religion is subject unto the government of the land, the former has no power to make any demands of the latter, though the latter may restrict the former as it sees fit to best benefit the people.

6.  Let therefore the establishments of religion be removed from the places and institutions of government—accepting that those historical roots which each shares in common are not meant to be suppressed by this exhortation.

7.  Has it not been said that thou shalt render unto me, who is Ceaser, that which is mine, and unto Jove that which belongs to Jove? Yea, this concerns not only the difference between taxes and of tithing, but also all other resources which are available unto humankind.

8.  Government and religion shall maintain the separation which is demanded by this commandment—for this is mine, and that is Jove’s—and what is mine is mine for my purposes, and what is the Jove’s is His for His purposes.

9.  The establishments of religion can be a benefit unto humankind in the offering of moral education and guidance of a spiritual sort; they can also be of a detriment, inciting one nation unto war with another for the cause of conversion to one or the other’s religious tradition.

10.  The purposes of religion are not the same in this day as they were in mine own; no longer is it needed to provide answers to questions of nature, nor is it needed any longer to establish authority among the people—humankind had passed through its enlightenment to embrace science and politics;

11.  Religion is today needed for the encouragement of compassionate service, for assistance in child-rearing, and to provide continued education and discussion beyond primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools—

12.  Houses of religion are centers for the community to gather in peace and safety, and to share a common belief one with another.

13.  Yea, for some, libraries and universities are more like churches than chapels and cathedrals; this is not an abominations, but a sign of the evolution of human kind—and that which is due these establishments should also be paid in full.

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