Jan 13, 2016

Concerning Perpetual Education

A lost revelation of Hoteph
New England - October 2014

LET THERE BE built among you Lyceums for the perpetual education of the faithful, and let none be turned away from their doors regardless of age, sex, race, gender, or creed; yea, any who wish to learn are welcome, for there is no higher purpose than the edification of self and of others. 

2. The pursuit of knowledge is wasted: It is too severely taxed so that those who are desirous of it are indebted for a lifetime unto moneylenders and governments; while those who are wealthy are content to merely purchase their accolades without endeavoring for enlightenment.  Wo unto the culture which engendered this! 

3.  Blessed be the nations which do not prevent free, unfettered access to knowledge.

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