Jan 11, 2016

Concerning Names

A lost revelation of Hoteph.
August 2014 - Manchester, New Hampshire

DO NOT PRESUME that the name by which you are known, or even the name which you are called, is your one, true, and real name; such belongs to the province of that which is greater then humankind—yea, that which is the sum of human consciouness and experience.

2.  Yea, that name which is unto you singular and unique is not one that any person may come to understand in full before the time of death—though some may come to a knowledge of a portion of this name, none shall ever be fully in posession of knowledge concerning it.

3.  Behold, thou wert called one name by thy parents; and thou wert called by other names throughout the duration of your life by your peers and your superiors; yea, thou art even now called Hoteph through revelation—nevertheless, none of these names are yours.

4.  These names you have collected in your days belong to the people who gave them unto you. That name which is yours and yours alone can only be revealed at the moment of death, when your conscious mind shall finally give way to the torrent of the world's unconsciousness.

5.  In that moment, your name shall come to you in the language of all humanity, which is built upon all sounds and all inflections and all tones;

6.  No one earthly script shall be sufficient enough to record it; no terrestrial language shall be sufficient enough to speak it.

7.  Yea, your name—and the names of all who have come before and will be to come after—shall be composed of countless syllables, immeasurable in rhythm.

8.  Seek not to learn your name, for such is merely a search for death; death and the knowledge thereof shall come to you in time, and is neither foreordained nor happenstance;

9.  Be content in this ignorance.

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