Aug 28, 2014

The Spirit of Revelation

One of the strongest and most repeated themes of The Salt and the Light--even the conceit--of the whole project is the "spirit of revelation."  As the project has developed, the conceit has evolved.

What is a revelation?  Who has the right to receive one?  What is the process?  How does one distinguish between revelation and other forms of inspiration?  Is there even a difference at all?  These questions have been directly addressed in some degree in sections X, XIII, XIIII, XXV, XXVIII, XXXII, and are indirectly referenced throughout the project.  Even as my work on this has become sporadic over the last year (employment can be a detriment to art), I still ask myself these questions.

Recently, I have come across two videos on YouTube that discuss what I consider the spirit of revelation--though neither video uses that term.  One speaks favorably of revelation, while the other speaks critically of it.

First the favorable, New Age perspective:

Now the critical, ex-Mormon perspective:

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