Feb 21, 2008

The Origins of Enlightened Evolution

“Whether one race or the other emerges victorious is of little meaning. Such hatred can only breed more hatred. Oh, my children…if we stay, this conflict will rage from generation to generation. Hear me! When we sensed the first indications of the protoculture resources on this world, we thought that, at last, we had found the home for which we searched. We called together all our people scattered through galaxies to begin life anew on this planet. We rebuilt a world that had nearly been destroyed by evil, and we constructed the Genesis Pit in order to pursue the path of enlightened evolution…but it was not enough. The Earth is reviving and will eventually regain its proper balance in accordance with the laws of nature. However, the humans have been too strongly influenced by the malignant shadow of the Robotech Masters and are only intent upon the destruction of their race. We, the Invid, will continue our evolutionary development elsewhere. We shall consume all the protoculture and rise to a higher plane. Come with me! Discard this world and follow the spirit of light as he beckons us onward!”

Okay, so my first post quotes heavily from the last episode of a cartoon / anime from the 1980s. I’d give you the background to the speech--but that would involve explaining the entire plot of the 85-episode series. Check out Harmony Gold’s Robotech. This is where I first heard the term “enlightened evolution,” however--and it has come to be a catch phrase for my personal belief system.

I believe in both God and Science--in both Creation and Evolution. The two are not mutually exclusive. While the latter explains HOW, the former tries to explain WHY. As humankind as a race tries to explore enlightenment, with or without God, we will continue to evolve into something greater and more capable. We are destroying ourselves and our planet pertly because many of us have closed off our mind to the enlightenment of others. Religion, like life, continues to evolve--and we each need to be open to that in some way. This is the transmutation sought by alchemists on a larger scale.

This will be an ongoing topic, so stay tuned.

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