List of Revealed Texts

This list includes both revelations and "inspired translations," as well as texts of a similar nature which do not fit either category.  For the most part, as can be seen in the categories below, these texts relate to the Mormons and their brand of Restorationism.  Other texts have been included--and new categories may be added with more non-Mormon texts.

Of a similar nature are Occult and New Age channellings, a few of which appear on the list below.  I did not originally intend on including channeled works on this list, but many are written with a scriptural voice.  The works of Joseph Smith have even been described as channellings.

Texts which claim to be an inspired translation of the "sealed portion" of the Golden Plates (from which the Book of Mormon was taken) are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Texts which are not "revealed" or "translated," but are otherwise "inspired," are indicated with a hash-mark (#).

This list is not meant to challenge the faith of any person who reveres any of these texts as scripture   It is here to provide further context for the Salt and the Light project.

Mainstream Mormon Texts
Published during the life of Joseph Smith, or else by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) or the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS; which later became the Community of Christ [CofC]).  Editions of these works are used by several Mormon denominations.
  • Book of Mormon
    • 1830 (currently used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Strangite], and the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ)
    • LDS (also used by most "fundamentalist" groups)
    • RLDS/CofC (also used by most RLDS splinter groups)
    • 1990 Independence Edition (Church of Christ [Temple Lot/Hedrickite])
  • Book of Commandements (replaced by the Doctrine and Covenants, below; currently used by the Church of Christ [Temple Lot])
  • Doctrine and Covenants
    • 1835 (currently used by the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ)
    • 1844 (currently used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Strangite])
    • LDS
    • RLDS/CofC (1 - 144, 145 - 159, 160+)
      • Sections 1 - 144 are universal to the CofC and RLDS splinter groups
      • Sections 145 + are accepted by the CofC only, and published in their latest edition
      • Sections 160+ are fairly recent, and available online
  • Lectures on Faith - neither "revealed" nor "translated," but were once included with the D&C
  • Inspired Version of the Holy Scriptures (RLDS/CofC)
    • Also used by the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ
    • LDS use a smaller selection of the "Joseph Smith Translation" (JST) in footnotes and an appendix
  • Pearl of Great Price (LDS)
    • Includes longer JST edits to Genesis and Matthew, in addition to the Book of Abraham and some personal writings of Joseph Smith

Mormon "Fundamentalist" / Polygamist Texts
Let me note here that I really hate the use of the word "fundamentalist" to mean "extremist."

Other Mormon Texts
  • Book of the Law of the Lord (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Strangite])
  • Other revelations of James Strang (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [Strangite])
    • A selection of these were published in a tract called The Diamond
  • The Word of the Lord (Church of Christ [Fettingite] & Church of Christ with the Elijah Message)
    • Fettingites only accept the first 30 messages, which were through Otto Fetting; the remaining 90  were given through William A. Draves
  • Hidden Treasures and Promises (Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, LGBT interest)
  • Book of Michael (Reform Mormonism)
  • Book of Jeraneck (Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ)
  • Prophecies and Revelations (Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ)
  • Book of Joseph
    • Mormon church history does mention a Book of Joseph, which was part of the Egyptian papyrus from which the Book of Abraham was translated; mainstream Mormons claim that the translation of the Book of Joseph was never completed.  This group claims otherwise.
  • Sealed Portion - The Final Testament of Jesus Christ (Marvelous Work and a Wonder)
  • * Sealed Book (Toneyite)

Post-Mormon Texts
Those texts which are drawn from the Mormon tradition, but do not (or no longer) espouse Mormon theology.

Non-Mormon Texts - Christian

Non-Mormon Texts - Other Abrahamic

Non-Mormon Texts - Occult

    Non-Mormon Texts - New Age

    Fictional Texts
    Works which are identified by their author as fiction, or which can be traced back to fictional works.  Though not expressly revealed, channelled, or inspired works, these texts reflect those traditions.
    • Necronomicon (Simon; based on / related to the works of H.P. Lovecraft)

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