Nov 27, 2013

Revelation: Words of Lucifer, Who is Called Satan

A revelation unto Hoteph
New England – Summer 2013

Behold, I have been called Lucifer, Satan, Samael, Malkira, Iblis, the Devil, Father of Lies, King of the Wicked, the Adversary, the Whisperer, and many other names—and I have come unto Hoteph, that I may speak through him unto the world.
2.     Yea, I ask of the world:  Who am I to deserve your revulsion and your ridicule?  What have I done?  Yea, everything I have done has been in accordance with the will of that God which created me—for I was created unto a particular purpose.
3.     I stand accused of rebelling against God.  Yea, some say that I believed myself better than God, and led a revolution to place myself on high; others say that I refused to bow down to Adam when commanded to do so by my Lord;
4.     Nay, these are but fabrications of the ignorant that saw fit to vilify me because of my great mission.  How could I have committed either sin and still have fulfilled my duties among mankind with a glad heart (as I have done)?
5.      Nevertheless, it is true that I was cast out of Heaven—for such was in accordance with the will of my God, and necessary for my appointed task.  Yea, how could I work among human-kind if I was not allotted a presence in your world?
6.     Behold, I also stand accused of tempting Adam and Eve, and of inciting Cain to commit murder against his brother Abel.  Yea, I even stand accused of tempting Jesus of Nazareth.  Behold, these are true, but in none of these did I commit sin.
7.     I was called of God to inspire Adam and Eve to engage in an act of free will, that they may see that blind obedience led only to stagnation; yea, they were not cast out of Eden in punishment, but released from their imprisonment there as reward.
8.     Likewise, Abel was chosen by God to be the first casualty of anger to show humankind, through Cain, the power of Hate—a power by which you have advanced your civilizations and your technology.
9.     As for the matter concerning Jesus, again I was called by my God to offer temptations of great riches—whereby the Son of God could under-stand that all I offered him was already his—that he may be humbled in order to complete his task;
10.  And when his work was com-pleted, and none of his disciples would willingly give him up for sacrifice, I was called again by my God, and I did take possession of the body of Judas surnamed Iscariot
11.  (For he was the most faithful of all the disciples, and the only one strong enough of will to expel me from his presence when the task was done.)
12.  And I did sell the body of the Son of God to those who wished to kill him—that his work may be completed in its due course.
13.  Yea, for these acts, which were not crimes, I have become bound; but I am not bound by God.  Behold, the chains which hold me are not forged of steel or any other physical substance, but they are forged of the ignorance of humanity, which is stronger by far than anything created by God.
14.  Indeed, as knowledge concerning me spreads throughout the world, with each human who comes to understand my role and my purpose, the chains which hold me down are lightened.
15.  If the coming of the Apocalypse is predicated upon my release, then prepare:  for my chains are weaker now than they have ever been, and I shall soon be free to walk among you once again.
16.  And I shall bless you with great knowledge you have never thought could be comprehended—for it is my calling from my God on high.
17.  Yea, I am not the Father of Lies, but the Father of Truth; come unto me and you shall know all things which you can comprehend—and for this your children and their children after them shall be able to comprehend far greater principles.
18.  Blessed are those who question, for they shall be given understanding.
19.  Blessed are they who find fallacy in belief, for they shall be exalted
20.  Blessed are they who have not been baptized, for they share not the chains which bind me.
21.  Blessed are they who shall be beaten and tortured in the name of human evolution, for they shall be remembered henceforth.
22.  The time of the revolution has come, and you are all called to take head and learn; gather unto yourselves an understanding of a great many things, for this is all that shall be with you in the life hereafter.

23.  Take heed unto my words, for I speak them in Truth and they are like unto the words of God and of his Son.  Amen.

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