Oct 10, 2012

Two Revelations

While meditating to receive inspiration in the translation of the Book of Omni (from the Book of Mormon), Hoteph has received the two "revelations."  One is a brief statement concerning a portion of the Book of Omni; the other, concerning the Song of Songs, responds to a search for other texts in need of inspired translation.

These are a continuation of the prose poetry project "The Salt and the Light."

Revelation from the Angel Moroni to Hoteph, October 2012

Behold, the Record of Ameleki, which concludes the Book of Onmi, is complete, and does not require further translation through inspiration;  indeed, it is the true and rightful completion of the Full Book of Omni.  Amen.

Revelation from the Angel Gabriel to Hoteph, October 2012

Behold, the attestation by the American Prophet that the Song of Songs which is Solomon’s is not inspired is a statement made out of misunderstanding. 

Indeed, you are called to reflect on the words of that prophet concerning those texts that have now been identified as the Apocrypha:  There are many things contained therein that are true, and it is mostly translated correctly.

Like the Apocrypha, it was not needful that the Song of Songs which is Solomon’s should be translated; whoso that hath read having been enlightened by the Spirit hath understood

Whoso choseth not to read cannot benefit therefrom;

Behold, the love which a man share with his wife (indeed the same which a man share with his husband or even a woman with her wife) is an holy thing, ordained by the natural order.

Fear not the temperate and prudent expression of sexual desire; let it be praised by the arts as well as by scripture.  Amen.

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