Apr 23, 2012

The Salt and the Light #1 is Available

The Salt and the Light #1 (click to read) is now available in PDF format.  It is meant to be printed "booklet-style" on two sheets of letter-size paper.

This is the first installment of a prose poetry project I have been working on since December 2011.  This series is partly in response to the flood of "revelations" sent from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS) to libraries throughout the world--including the one where I work.  It is also in response to the scriptures I read in my childhood, having been raised in the [Salt Lake] Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, or "Mormons").

Some of the content of this booklet has already appeared on this blog , including "Affirmation" (Jan 2010, Feb 2012),"The Cabal of St. Rufus Herringbone," and "Concerning the Purpose of Same-Sex Attraction in the Last Dispensation."  A second "revelation" from St. Rufus appears in the booklet.

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Apr 15, 2012


As I have stated before, I do not believe that "God" is an old man living in an alternate dimension somewhere in the region of the sky. That "God" is a story which is the basis for Jewish, Christian, Muslim and related belief systems.

It would also be fair to say that I do not believe that "the gods" are an extended, incestuous family living in numerous alternate dimensions around us.

Likewise, I do not believe in elves, fairies, angels, jinn, peri, or any other manner of semi-divine beings that share our world and watch/protect/tempt us on a daily basis.

I also think of myself as the last person who would mock a person for believing in such things. While I may directly question their beliefs, I would not tell a person that his or her faith is incorrect.

I believe in faith. I believe in religion. I believe in ritual. I believe in ecstasies that are not necessarily sexual. For me, "God" has nothing to do with any of this. However, I understand that others need a belief in "God" to experience the things I believe in without "God."

My academic training--and my love for Indiana Jones--boils this down to a difference between fact and truth. Truth is the goal, while fact is one journey to that goal. While the pursuit of fact can lead to the discovery of truth, it is also possible to find truth by pursuing myth. For some people, facts can be too complicated, while for others myth over simplifies things. There are people in this word who prefer the literal, and others that prefer the figurative. Neither path to truth is incorrect.

I am a disciple of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. I understand there to be a psychological benefit to religion (though I also see that much psychological harm can be done with religion). I understand that all religions of the past, present and future are variations on several common themes. I believe in the Bible as a religious allegory.

I believe in rambling my thoughts randomly, and in ending those rambles suddenly.

Apr 13, 2012

Concerning the Purpose of Same-Sex Attraction in the Last Dispensation

Revelation given to “Hoteph,” New England, December 2011

1–2, same-sex attraction has existed since the beginning; 3–6, the commandment to replenish the earth has been fulfilled; 7–10, same-sex covenants are recognized by God; 11–13, abandoned children must be cared for; 14–17, the parental priesthood can be conferred upon any covenant companion-ship through adoption.

Hearken and hear, O ye people of the World: the time has come to end the persecution of those children of God who, by the will of the Lord, are possessed of same-sex attraction.

2. Such attraction has been present since before the world was, and has been recognized in Holy Scripture.

3. In the past it has been commanded that this bond of companionship should not go against the first law, even the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth; and so it was with Naomi and Ruth, David and Jonathan, Nathaniel and Barth-olomew, and even Nephi and Zoram.

4. Each, in their days, were married for the sake of begetting children within the Lord’s coven-ant.

5. Behold, the fulfillment of the last dispensation of mankind comes, and the first command-ment has been fulfilled: the earth has been replenished.

6. Let it be known, therefore, that the commandment to multi-ply has been completed, and that mankind is no longer bound to its obedience.

7. The bond of companion-ship, which had been made for Adam when God created Eve, may now be the sole bond by which mankind is united.

8. May the Children of the Lord now form bonds of true brotherhood or of true sisterhood that the family of mankind be united unto a single household.

9. Let it be known that the bond of companionship that has been granted by the Lord is a covenant that was made before the world was, and this covenant is the same in the eyes of the Lord be it between man and woman, between man and man, or between woman and woman.

10. Therefore, any worldly covenant made by two children of God of an age to consent to such a bond shall be recognized by the Lord; and such covenants shall be administered by the Churches, and records of which shall be kept for the eternal salvation of all souls.

11. Verily, mankind has multi-plied and replenished the earth to the fulfillment of that command-ment; and yet, to God’s sadness, many of the young ones have been neglected.

12. There are Fathers and Mothers who still do not under-stand the word of the Lord, and lead their children into suffering, even unto abandoning them to the governments of this world.

13. The care and upbringing of these neglected innocents must be attended to by the children of God, or the wrath of the Lord shall be upon mankind forever.

14. And the members of any covenants of companionship, even marriage or true brotherhood or true sisterhood, shall be sufficient to fulfill the needs of the abandoned innocents, in that they may be ordained to the most holy priesthood offices of Father and Mother.

15. While the parental priest-hood is inherent to those men and women who are bound to each other by covenant and have begotten children, it is also a priesthood that can be conferred upon those bound by covenant who desire it, but are incapable of begetting children of their own.

16. The parental priesthood can be conferred by the right of adoption, wherein those accepting responsibility for children are ordained to the offices of both Father and Mother.

17. Let the unions of true brotherhood and true sisterhood be seen as equal to the union of marriage, so that the abandoned little ones of this world may be cared for. Amen.