Feb 14, 2012

Decree of Priapus

Quisquis venerit huc, poeta fiat
et versus mihi dedicet iocosos.
qui non fecerit, inter eruditos
ficosissimus ambulet poetas.

"Whoever comes hither let him become a poet and dedicate to me jocose verses. He who does not, shall, teeming with piles, walk amongst learned poets."

"Piles," it seems, are a "frequent result of sodomy." Among the sins that Priapus will punish with buggery is that of not writing him doggerel. Luckily, my own work includes several examples of such verse.

Several persons took this to heart, which has resulted in a collection of epigrams from ancient gardens entitled Priapeia, which is available online.

This may be another candidate for my list of personal scripture.Link

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