Apr 23, 2011

Masturbate - For the Good of All

Porn Actor Logan McCree Gets It

On Life:

"I try to serve god. I am not part of a religion and no book or priest can tell me what god expects of me. I think that god (or however you want to call him) is in contact with everybody. We just have to listen carefully. I try to do that. Sometimes I don’t listen closely enough and after a while I realize that I am on the wrong path. In that case I just change the direction and go on. I don’t believe in punishment and sin and judgment. At least not like most Christians do.

"The most important things for me are: try to act good. Help people (to help themselves), be honest, don’t kill and try not to hurt, if you see something bad going on, interact without judging."

On Sexuality:

"I was always attracted to men. Even when I was a little boy of 5 or 6 years I would look at men with some kind of desire. It way always a mix between physical attraction and my wish to have a father or big brother I could look up to. My first sexual experience I had was with my brother. We were on holiday, sleeping in the same bed and I kinda tricked him into jerking off with me. At that time I was around 15. At the age of 18 I had my first girlfriend. She was a bit older, which caused the relationship to end. We had great sexual experiences, very careful and slow. Unfortunately we broke up, before we had real sex. The next girl I dated was the first one I had sex with. It felt physically absolutely right and it felt good, but I couldn’t really get into it. It wasn’t horny. After that I realized that I wasn’t interested in women. One year later I had my first jerk off with a guy and it felt horrible. I felt used and dirty, so I decided not to have sex til I felt ready for it. In the next couple of years I made some sexual experiences, most of them were meaningless or bad. When I turned 27 i finally felt ready and old enough to enjoy sex and I did. There was still something missing when I had sex with guys, but I didn’t feel bad anymore afterwards. The last 5 years were good. I feel like I am in control of my sexuality, which is very important for me. But sex with guys still didn’t give me what I was looking for and so I thought I should try sex with a girl again. But it’s pretty difficult for a man without experiences with girls to have sex with one. There were so many things I was concerned about: how do I get a girl to sleep with me, will I get and stay hard, will she expect more of me afterwards, where do I meet the right one for this experiment? After months of thinking about it I finally forced myself to go to a whorehouse. The girl was very pretty but had no fun whatsoever doing her job. It took me ages to get hard and I was totally stressed out. But when I finally was inside of her….that felt soooo good. It felt like an embrace. Ever since then I really like pussies . two months later I met a girl during a photoshoot. She was my make-up artist. We liked each other immediately and even though she knew that I was gay, we started flirting and a couple of weeks later she visited me in Dresden, we fell in love and are a couple since. Having sex with her is exactly what I was looking for. It is intimate, meaningful and I don’t care about coming at all. Its more like a wonderful game. But the weird thing is, that I still get a hardon with a man much easier…

- I prefer having sex (penetration) with a girl
- I loooove licking her
- I prefer getting a blow job by a guy
- I prefer cuddling with a man, because a girl feels breakable
- I prefer holding hand with a girl because it makes me feel bigger
- I prefer flirting with a guy, because I know what I’m doing
- I like kissing both genders equally"